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Respect for the Pudge pick

Article 6/23/18, 8:56 AM

What's up with the casters these days ? I see really big downgrade in terms of casting quality - the casters are just plain garbage. Where is Tobi, LD, Synderen, Purge? These guys talk about the game and it's actually quite interesting to listen to their analysis of the game and commentary overall.. From the current casters in this tournament, only Godz is any good, and in tier of the ones mentioned above, others seem to be only interested with boosting their shitty ego with 'witty' lines.. The comments they make sometimes make me cringe... Some guy comments how will be really mad if he sees some build of pro player in pub. Geez, none gives a fuck, you're there to make quality commentary, not spout some weird shit. I sincerely hope these guys will not be invited to TI.

Article 5/19/18, 1:20 PM

Even tiny changes are commendable, but considering how much attention Dota 2 gets, compared to CS:GO, it is kinda sad..

Article 12/15/16, 10:59 AM

I feel the first game should've been EHOME's to take. I feel they got too relaxed when they got mega creeps and when they saw EG rushing to their base, they got too excited and couldn't get their shit together. The first chaotic offering was a huge whip on disruption and the second wasn't great either. It is puzzling how Timbersaw ended up being basically near river in mid, when most of his team got killed in the base by void. Had they took more defensive position at the end of the first game, maybe the ones in the lower bracket would be EG

Article 8/11/16, 11:06 AM

From this kind of income from the International alone, one would expect Valve to be one of the most profitable gaming companies, but https://newzoo.com/insights/rankings/top-25-companies-game-revenues/ here Valve is not even in the top 20..

Article 7/20/16, 12:45 PM

@Akimb153 cheering for Na'Vi :-)

Article 3/10/15, 8:50 PM
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