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what a waste of everyone's time

Article 7/30/07, 12:59 AM

That's great news. They need to keep the unit experience system out of SC2.

Article 7/20/07, 9:13 AM

I watched the replay Musli linked (in first comments page). There is some really shady stuff going on from the player in question: the Zerg knows where the Protoss attacks are coming from and he has basically no scouts at all. Basically the entire map is fog of war for him, which is the sign of a really bad Zerg player (good Zergs have OLs/Zerglings everywhere keeping an eye on stuff). At around 17:07 Protoss suddenly moves a force down completely out of Zerg's view the entire time (since Zerg at this point has zero scouting), and instantly the zerg moves drones at his expansion, which lies in that direction, to make sunken colonies at the chokepoint. An anti-hack would be great, just to be certain, and it's important to look at a number of replays before committing to a judgment, but that one replay alone is already quite convincing.

Article 7/9/07, 4:53 AM

two good players but not a great series...

Article 6/7/07, 6:17 AM

It seems that if Draco successfully took a crap, all of Poland would congratulate him on his stupendous achievement. Well done to Draco (he rocks) but I wish there were fewer insecure and hyper-nationalistic Poles around here.

Article 6/4/07, 12:24 AM

"Why the community has not set out from the premise that Blizzard knows what they are doing is beyond me. " I dislike this statement. Blizzard is a relatively solid game company, but they have lost a lot of people over the years, and people matter more than a name. Furthermore, we have yet to see an RTS use 3D without having a hit to control/movement crispness, and what is gained from 3D in RTS? Graphics, never gameplay. So, optimism is fine, but chastising the wary is not.

Article 5/20/07, 6:10 AM

I too would really love to see a reppack of theirs or something.

Article 6/3/06, 4:33 AM

izraphel was being funny btw

Article 5/17/06, 5:25 PM
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