• Name Werner Meyer
  • Location South Africa
  • Date of birth Feb 5, 1979
  • Primary game StarCraft

Swartblits's activity

No single spell in the game chained should hold 20 units in place and also kill them. Comon blizzard.. I like the idea of making the spell like a spray that only hit the units in front.

Article 12/20/12, 11:05 AM

The speed buffs to mutas makes it even harder for Protoss to deal with mutas. If you go phoenix the zertg can switch easily to mass ground and then u have flying crap that cant shoot down or they just die to infestor. Thus pros on replays will stay on blink stalker, high templar, and try to slowly take a base or two but the game drags out into a boring blink defend like a mad man game where Zerg can expand easily uncontested. Guys like White Ra ive seen say that its even harder now to deal with mutas. And now this... ??.. Phoenix cant be a good counter to mutas they are too focussed on air with little consequence mid to late game on ground. WHere upgraded mutas are a definate threat later. "Mutalisk New passive ability: Mutalisk Regeneration Mutalisk health regeneration rate increased from .2734 to 1." Just my 2 cents anyways.

Article 12/13/12, 8:34 AM

"@scaryrobots We'll be doing a PVP blog update very soon. Sorry to keep you waiting." now --> very soon --> soon --> end of time "very soon" sits somewhere between now and end of time, although at least before soon. :)

Article 11/28/12, 11:58 AM

Russians feeding on and being so rife on Euro server piss me off so im not exactly heartbroken. Thats the one team i loved to mock during the international.

Article 11/2/12, 6:21 AM

What is the duration on the timewarp debuff?

Article 10/29/12, 7:27 AM

Why not. Im not a very competitive player (suck) and having something to work towards is cool. Just having to get wins to get portraits was ok, this adds to that.

Article 10/26/12, 8:26 AM

Firstly before I rant. Thanks for making the tempest a little more useful, it might be viable now, well see. "Hallucination no longer requires research" Earlier blinkage up the high ground yea. More use of illusion yea. This can be interesting to a spell almost never researched due to cost except for a scouting purpose. Possibly a good idea vs vipers to hide my colosi or make enemy think theres 8 tempests instead of 3. Can be interesting. now... "Energize seemed a bit limited, and on the design side, we felt it was not an interesting spell that has many viable uses" NO just no.. its very interesting cause it changes the protoss openings to for example energising a sentry to buy more time against a rush that to get an immortal for example. Protoss can go high templar and have 2 only 2 high tempars ready with storms for defense. Thus it opens alot of variations to very boring cookie cutter openings. Suppose making core so expensive as it is now screw this anyways. "One issue we’re seeing, however, is all-in rushes using early Widow Mines are a bit too much, so we’re trying a couple of changes for the other races in order to help with this specific area" e.g. Spore crawlers have no requirement and purify detects. You realize that you just "balanced" Dark templar, banshees out of the game. Thanks for making us a great game Blizzard and we know its not done yet.

Article 10/15/12, 8:23 AM

Giving the MS 2 supply makes it even more costly to get early. Thus for Protoss early builds they just wont build it. Defeating the point of having viable early defense against certain rushes. Widow. At least its a MISSLE attacking air now and not a MINE which makes no sense.

Article 10/8/12, 8:12 AM
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