• Name Juan Manuel Beltr├ín
  • Location Argentina
  • Date of birth Nov 25, 1985
  • Primary game Dota 2

argento.superstar's activity

Typical Murica... Start wars, sell weapons and blame video games.

Article 3/14/18, 3:25 AM

Thing is, after fng/goblack/phobos fiasco, i don't see a lot of legit players believing in this team anymore. Is hard to pick good players when your current lineup is doing that kind of stuff. Probably thats the main reason behind the disband instead of picking a couple of players again. Xboct + dendi + funn1k was done for. You can keep 1 of those 3 and search for another 4 ones, but more than that is another guaranteed failure. Anyway, good luck to this guys, specially to xboct, my fav player by far, i hope he keeps trying.

Article 10/17/15, 5:14 AM

S4 failed with Secret does he really thinks he'll have a better shot with alliance? Please, Loda has been playing like shit for 2 years now, bulldog managed to learn 1 new hero and still complains about LD not being a top pick anymore. Akke is ok, he never shines but he doesn't dissapoint a lot either. So he'll probably fail again.. i feel sad, i actually like him. After all he is the main reason of alliance winning TI3, not loda, sry fanboys but is the true.

Article 8/28/15, 7:54 AM

Before calling somebody stupid you should at least try to learn how to read. This info was meant for the casters ( you know, some of them like the main host don't belong to de dota comunity and knows shit about the game ). This is pretty common in tournaments like the world cup, when you have teams full of amateur guys and you don't even know their names, much less their gameplay, so this way casters can say something nice about that team. Anyway, i think its pretty clear for everybody, well, almost everybody. If not i will clarify this for you: 1- Valve gave this info ( team stats ) to the casters, hosts, etc. 2- One of this guys ( or maybe more than one ) gave this to one or more teams ( leaked, this wasn't supposed to happen ) 3- After knowing this, valve released this info to everybody to minimize the damage ( you know, being fair with everbody ) Thats it. I tried to explain it so a 5 years old kid ( A.K.A. You ) would understand it. You're wellcome.

Article 7/26/15, 1:17 AM

Don't you understand the fact that the info was leaked to some teams by one of the Casters?

Article 7/25/15, 9:34 AM

I'm guessing that some caster shared this with his fav teams ( not all of them as the article suggest, if some X caster shared this with everybody, there is no need for valve to do the same, dude). For example: Lets say v1lat shared this with the CIS teams or some Chinese caster with the CN teams and when Valve heard about it, they released the info for everybody wich was the correct move if this got leaked. Well of course it was, cause I don't see Valve doing this if something like that didn't happen.

Article 7/25/15, 5:00 AM

Ofc... Last year format was shit. Too much importance on bo1 plus bubble race playoffs.. I don't know what the fuck were they thinking. This year the seedings are decided by bo2 wich is much better. Plus loosers bracket... this is gonna be good =)

Article 7/20/15, 9:16 AM

I will thank you later for your rares =)

Article 7/18/15, 5:17 AM
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