• Name Hoang Manh
  • Location Viet Nam
  • Primary game DotA

l3lackcat's activity

Yeah. Vigossss <3

Article 1/15/14, 3:52 PM

what is prize for solo tournament ?

Article 7/30/13, 9:38 AM

good news for Dota2

Article 5/8/13, 8:14 PM

So sad for Empire. When IT 3 incoming, they lost Funn1k and lost every thing.

Article 4/29/13, 6:26 PM

#14 Lol Are you kidding? if you think Navi like Barcelona, so I think M5 like Real Madrid, and Pgg like Mourinho . =)

Article 7/12/12, 4:50 AM

Yeah, i think DTS wasn't destroy God's item, because after then God had 2 Vit Booster... or I wrong?

Blog 10/9/11, 12:27 PM
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