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  • Location Canada
  • Primary game Dota 2

4dawyn's activity

mineski as per their statement is just going to frankfurt for experience they do not have plans to win whatsoever same thing they said in nanyang. what a retard mentality! LMAO #ez4cdec

Match 11/12/15, 12:39 PM

No surprises here. SEA doto is just all about teamfight no strategy no game plan whatsoever and the same stupid hero picks. we dont care about taking towers and stacking ancient and jungle camps we just want to kill and die like a true spartan warrior. Its just like watching a 3k mmr pubgame with tryhard pubstars on it. If they dont change this style of play SEA doto will always be at the bottom.. #realtalk

Article 10/27/15, 12:11 PM

Mineski are huge underdogs on this tournament but i hope they came here prepared and with a goal of winning and not just for the experience. it might be a very long shot but atleast a winning mentality will boost their game and they might cause some upsets which i think they are really capable of. I know this is very optimistic but i think any team can beat anyone on a good day especially on lan games like this where in lag is not an issue. I am hoping that mineski will give everyone a good show. Good luck to mineski and to all other teams please give us some good dota to watch! Q(",Q)

Match 10/25/15, 12:26 PM

dangerous game for mineski, MVP is battle tested in crucial games. If mineski plays like how did yesterday against trust for sure they will get rekt by MVP the 1st match between mski and mvp that mski won 2-0 doesnt mean anything here anymore that was just MVP's warm up game now they'll be serious. I hope mineski prepared a lot and has a battle plan for this game. this is a 50-50 match the 70-30 betting odds are ridiculous. take note this is a best of 1 anything can happen. may the best team win. goodluck to both teams!!!

Match 10/12/15, 2:50 AM

are u joking? that was a joke right? vash is not even a good offlaner but since PH doesnt have a lot of decent offlaners then i think he is fine. But they really need a legit hard carry like julz so jay can focus on mid lane. I dont think julz has a team now he is just standing in for xctn atm. NOW GET JULZ FOR KUKU AND START TRAINING FOR TI5 QUALIFIERS!!!!

Article 3/5/15, 1:54 PM

now kick Kuku and get JULZ and you have a decent team.. Julz hard carry and Jay mid.. EZ!

Article 3/5/15, 11:38 AM

Obvious 322 hard carry BB mid laner WR.. Tell me thats not an obvious 322 picks?

Match 1/24/15, 2:42 PM

Aces playing with full roster today.. All in Aces

Match 1/24/15, 9:13 AM
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