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The punishment is severe for the former Wings players, but if you step back and look at ACE's governing methods, you uncover the real purpose behind the punishment is to serve as a deterrent for all of the remaining Chinese players. ACE is sending a clear message they will not tolerate player's speaking out against management and unlike the authority players command in the west and other parts of the world, it will not happen in China. This is an important juxtaposition for the players in China. The question is whether they decide to do nothing and continue with their current governance, or unite and protest ACE's treatment. The answer is going to be determined by whether or not the players are aware of the leverage they have over Chinese managers and tournament organizers if they do decide to unite.

Article 5/17/17, 7:18 PM

I agree, top 2 from each region would be nice, but I disagree with your evaluation of each region's top teams. I think WanteD will be the best team in NA, along with DC, and that Bears will be one of the best teams in EU. Bears are stacked with Yapzor, Fata, Forev, 343, and new pub star Feero. Fnatic is garbage at the moment and I think Execration and TNC will be the class of SEA. The clearest path to a qualification appears in the CIS region, where I think no one will challenge VP.

Article 1/17/17, 8:04 PM

Happy to see such high caliber teams participating in another tournament between the Majors. Looks like it is shaping up to be a very competitive event. Unfortunately, this iteration of Dota Pit is marred by its primary sponsorship to G2A. G2A is a company known for scamming its customers and stealing money. The complaints regarding this site are numerous and anyone wanting to fairly gamble on Dota 2 games should not use G2A. The realization that Dota Pit is funded by such an unscrupulous company is reason enough for me to not support this season. As such, I will not be watching any of the games this season. I implore other viewers who are tired of shady gambling sites taking advantage of ignorant customers to also not watch this season of Dota Pit. Maybe if more viewers boycott events sponsored by scum such as G2A, organizers like Dota Pit will seek sponsorship from legitimate companies. Tournament and team sponsorship from companies like G2A and ggbet need to go extinct.

Article 12/17/16, 5:21 PM

Results and controversy ultimately do not matter because no one will be paid their winnings. Western teams should realize at this point that they should not participate in 9/10 Chinese tournaments hosted by companies outside of MDL.

Article 12/17/16, 5:05 PM

Happy to see the CIS region get a Major. Just got back from attending the Boston Major, and I imagine the Kiev crowd will be just as rowdy, if not more rowdy, than us Americans. Should be a great atmosphere. Also happy to see PGL continuing to produce the Majors. They do a fantastic job with production and really make the event memorable. On a sad note, we should all say our goodbyes to the Mystic Staff trophy. Trophy now "Ancient" status.

Article 12/10/16, 1:53 AM

Rough 2 days for Chinese dota. 6 teams entered the Boston Major and only 1, LGD.FY, is top 8.

Article 12/9/16, 5:17 AM

Two observations, EG have by far the easiest path to winning their group, and Group B is the "group of death." Complexity, LGD, and Faceless should not pose a problem for EG if they play to their expectations. LGD was a last minute substitute, not initially qualifying for the Major, Complexity just went through a roster shuffle, and Faceless looked lackluster at the Summit . I would not be surprised that Complexity and LGD place in the bottom 4, and Faceless in the bottom 8. Group B is ridiculous, with 3 very competitive teams that I expect will at worst finish top 8. Of those three (NP, Newbee, and VP) NP is arguably the weakest, but in my estimation a very good team that has the potential to beat all the best teams. Newbee is my favorite coming out of China, a top 4 placing team that I think will do better than Wings. Finally, VP is arguably the overall favorite that many expect to win the entire major. Not to mention MVP, which while recently performing lackluster, has a history of stepping up in the Valve sponsored tournaments.

Article 12/2/16, 12:44 AM

Excited to see them play against Wings. Tomorrow, I think they get their TI revenge and knock off Wings 2-1.

Article 11/19/16, 5:50 AM
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