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Fnatic got this for sure. Even with a standin, Mushi is currently on fire and hungry for a win after failing Boston Major qualifier. Prepare to be surprised. =)

Match 1/5/17, 6:35 PM

Not surprising at all. Warriors are sparring partner for Fnatic and have even taken them down on occasion.

Article 5/3/16, 7:43 PM

Im not saying Vega will 322 this, but they already secured their spot. So they might experiment with their picks, and this could lead to losses. Betting small on HR just because Vega would gain no advantage, this is not a do or die match for them.

Match 11/3/15, 3:01 PM

Im leaning more towards NLG here. Their game vs Golden Boys was so superb. They copy-pasted Secret's draft, but they executed very well. Yesterday's ala carte Tiny did a lot of work. Tucker stood in and they still performed. Now that I think about it, Xcalibur's hero pool is almost similar to w33 and garter is similar to EE.

Match 11/3/15, 2:59 PM

SFZ looking strong again beating CIS-R. Going small on SFZ cos Empire is probably gonna use their new player. Stable roster > newly formed roster any day.

Match 11/3/15, 2:51 PM

I suspect after yesterday match, being publicly humiliated on reddit, not one but three highly upvoted posts, Empire are coming with vengeance. Resolution used to play a very scary batrider when he was in iCCup. I hope to see him play the hero sometime. Betting small on Empire for that revenge factor.

Match 11/2/15, 7:53 AM

TnC is not a safe bet. From statistical prediction, FD has 59.27% to win over TnC with 1.95 confidence value. (get from Noxville's twopee site) Going medium on FD. Meracle is probably fired up after watching Nanyang Championship in his hometown.

Match 11/2/15, 6:41 AM

Im going with Secret. They adapted the best, teams still cant beat their opener drafts, wr + ember or combinations of those on top of being able to pick meepo. Bonus: Head to head statistical analysis derived from datdota have Secret 69.96% chance to win over VG, with 1.94 confidence value. If the confidence value was around 1.7 I would have gone for VG. Secret is also almost breaking the highest ELO threshold at 1.5k, they are currently at 1495

Match 11/1/15, 2:43 AM
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