spacemonkies you have until 20 mins past 06 CET to contact me via IRC, GGnet PM or in game

Match 10/14/12, 6:16 AM

spacemonkies if you see this, pw is gosucup12 ENTER GAME ASAP

Match 10/14/12, 6:11 AM

lobby pw 123 GH if you see this enter lobby ASAP

Match 10/13/12, 11:09 AM

BOT lobby pw gosu123 if you see this

Match 10/13/12, 10:21 AM

lobby pw gosu123

Match 10/13/12, 10:18 AM


Match 10/13/12, 10:14 AM

Team BOT contact me in IRC please

Match 10/13/12, 10:13 AM