• Name Ronn Rosales
  • Location Philippines
  • Primary game DotA

miamich's activity

Not sure if you're just a hater or what but if you watch RAVE's game specially Beyond the summit qualifiers all of them are still in KOREA and they rekt all the teams from SEA including MY and fought MVP 4-3 in grand finals. Im not gonna argue with you about the internet connections in the Philippines you just sit you ass there and enjoy the game.

Article 5/8/15, 4:21 AM


Article 5/8/15, 1:38 AM

Mineski and the rest of the team in the Philippines often play with a spiky internet connection from 150-200. You want a proof? go watch their replays.

Article 5/7/15, 8:04 AM

Correct me if im wrong but Raven fought Underminer and the rest of the tournament qualifiers while 2 of their players are playing in Korea and the rest are in the Philippines due to immigration problem and everyone knows that the internet connection in the Philippines are one of the worst connection you will ever see. Plus im pretty confident that rave has what it takes to win the qualifiers and they should prove it by winning it.

Article 5/7/15, 6:40 AM

Csw played really well specially on the last tournament where they won the series if im not mistaken so having people like them is normal, they are either true fans or just a plain Mineski hater. #GoEHOME

Article 1/13/15, 12:01 AM

That's funntycause i've been playing in US EAST/WEST and EU West for more than 3 year's now and guess what? Im on 4.9k mmr and im rekting these RUSSIAN players like you. Dont get me wrong you guys sucks specially in PUBS the only good ones are the 4.5k and above.

Article 1/10/15, 11:48 PM

Pinoy flag eh?

Article 7/7/14, 4:03 PM

Easy first round for VG and IG.

Article 6/18/14, 2:38 AM
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