Team Secret and Spirit look very strong

Article 3/30/16, 4:06 PM

But you did come back...

Match 2/3/16, 9:17 AM

What a hysterical laugh of yours

Match 2/3/16, 9:16 AM

chshrct will probably join Na'Vi, not gonna work though. Na'Vi has to replace all 5 (except SoNNeikO maybe), or just close its Dota squad.

Article 1/19/16, 4:11 AM

excuses, excuses,... people simply cannot accept a win of other teams

Article 1/15/16, 11:50 AM

You wanna talk about WC? Did you watch FIFA 2002? Didn't South Korea beat teams like Portugal, Italy or Spain? Do you realize now that your rage is getting control of mind?

Article 1/15/16, 11:20 AM

"Race" is a very loose concept. A question like "How many races are there?" is pretty much impossible to answer in any strict sense. You could go from saying that all people are members of one, the "human race"; to the fairly conventional caucasion/negroid/oriental; to talking about "Slavic race", "French race", "Arabic race", etc. I am not playing a racism card. You cannot simply be a non-racist when offending others by colour, ethnicity, etc.

Article 1/15/16, 11:15 AM

I don't need to learn insulting words. Why would I ever insult someone? Just because PR did not win big tournaments in the past, doesn't mean they are not stronger than Alliance right now. You wanna say Alliance never lost to a team that hasn't won a single tournament? Come on, clear your mind. Rage is blocking it.

Article 1/15/16, 10:31 AM