• Name Christian Kurt Yuson
  • Location Philippines
  • Primary game DotA

R1ou's activity

GMPGL fucked up big time.

Article 1/5/13, 1:02 PM

Looks like it's the norm in their country, You should be ashamed of yourselves, Really. As much as I love Mortification and Zero Punctuation, Don't be an ass and show that your country is full of racist assholes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hp6J6PF47CM

Article 12/17/12, 5:16 AM

#80, Hey atleast Mineski made it to playoffs by beating Nv.Cn. jeez, These australian users have been mindbogglingly racist since this Event started.

Article 12/17/12, 4:57 AM

I'm really upset that even Pinoys can't support our boys in Malaysia. Why are you guys so negative? Why can't we just be happy that A PH team will finally conquer SMM? You guys are the worst.

Article 12/15/12, 1:41 PM

Was really hoping for a santa courier, That would be wicked.

Article 12/15/12, 1:38 PM

#6 I'm sorry if I cannot think another creative adjective to describe filipinos, Medyo karamihan sa atin kayumangi eh. Brown na brown ako dre, please wag ka mag kalat dito. #9 It seems like a walk in the park because they didn't even dropped a single game to other foreign teams, Yes Orange and MUFC are awesome teams and these two teams are way better than the 4 of those PH teams in DOTA 2. Their performance was mediocre at best because they didn't really concentrate anymore on this game.

Article 12/15/12, 12:22 PM

As expected, all Filipino teams will proceed to top 4. Specially with no chinese teams, This tourney seems like a walk in the park for these brown boys. That game with iZone vs Orange was thrilling though.

Article 12/15/12, 11:33 AM

#4, LMFAO. 1 year is not that fair though, make it like 3 months tops.

Article 12/5/12, 6:26 AM
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