if this was the other way around and navi got eliminated, i think alot more will say how its unfair and sht

Article 7/21/14, 2:20 PM


Article 6/3/14, 3:31 PM

oh those mh days, bittersweet :(

Article 6/1/14, 7:52 PM

S A D B O Y S :(, hopeforthebest

Article 5/28/14, 6:39 PM

MVP or Arrow, really cant decide, but my guts tells me it will be MVP, hoping for a korean team to rise to the top soon :D, i atleast want mineski to get into the wildcard tho :))

Article 5/17/14, 5:51 PM

i hope mineski wins this one ;)

Match 5/17/14, 5:20 PM

#15 and what? let the witch doctor die?

Article 9/1/12, 4:29 PM


Article 8/26/12, 7:31 AM