Nice 8)

Article 10/3/11, 12:30 PM

#7 find it on torrents or mediafire [upsidedown] :">

Article 10/2/11, 9:40 AM

[quote]Thanks to my mum and dad for supporting me in DotA[/quote] What Great Parents :P [upsidedown]

Article 10/2/11, 1:59 AM

I wish new strategies come from them :)

Article 10/1/11, 10:43 AM

Its going to be even Hotter in the upcoming tournaments ! 8) GJ Burning , i thought KingJ was on dk 8( dam reshuffle idk where my fav. players are going.

Article 9/25/11, 9:54 AM

Wow :) This could win an oscar award for best drama movie ( heck idk )

Blog 9/19/11, 4:34 PM

Unbelievable confidence from the man :) I am anticipating his next video and next and next and next . . so on and so forth. This guy is the one i like other than X!! and dendi (loved his AA at international) at mid :) The final escape made [upsidedown] .

Article 9/19/11, 4:02 PM

The epic survival , super fast click on dagger at exactly 75 mana OMGFTWFRKSHTHECKTHEFISTHTFKSHTASPROMOVE[spoiler=PART 7][b]

Article 9/19/11, 10:35 AM