the pinoy is chrissy! this is from rave's fb page! holy hype! chrissy + black + mushi! go SEA DOTO! ^^

Article 8/26/15, 10:50 AM

i once played with someone who kept spamming his zeus taunt and it was very annoying and very funny at the same time. haha. toink!

Article 7/7/15, 11:58 AM

I don't think your information is right. If I remember correctly, Newbee was easily one of the top teams in China before TI4 - on par with DK. Then VG comes next to these two. Newbee just performed badly during the group stages because they've had no experience fighting Western teams, but they adapted DURING the tournament which is why they were able to climb from almost being eliminated right after the group stage. DK, one of the favorites, admittedly choked against EG and VG that's why they finished 4th. I think Empire just had a similar problem as Newbee did, but they didn't have a xiao8 or Mikasa to pull themselves together. Point is, I don't think performing well right before TI has anything to do with it.

Article 6/3/15, 3:11 PM

oh, come on. xyclopz is a good hypecaster. his casts are entertaining as hell especially if you include twitch chat. he makes the games so much more fun to watch. however, i do agree that sometimes you need those "serious" casters to make a tournament more legit. but i also think that there are audiences who'd rather listen to xyclopz' type of casts. i remember there was that very long TI match (with chinese teams, of course) wherein the korean casters tried to make the boring game more fun by hypecasting every little thing. some people liked that, some people didn't, so to each his own, i guess. i like what BTS is doing with i-League right now. They have BTS1 for the "serious" dota fans like yourself, then they have BTS2 with Xyclopz! haha. #xyclopztoti5

Article 5/22/15, 12:01 PM

China supporting 322 gaming. ^^

Article 4/30/15, 12:11 AM

wow. i thought their wins against the two MVP teams was just a fluke since bo1 but this win against MY in a bo3 is just amazing. way to go TnC! i hope to see more of that meepo play against MVP. gj!

Match 4/29/15, 6:09 PM

you say you are against the redemption vote and that teams should've gone through qualifiers. but you are mad that Rave and NoT went through? smells like butthurt to me.

Article 4/20/15, 10:10 AM

Well, it actually fits the tournament's premise of an in-house tournament that aims to provide a lot of fan service. this tournament allows fans to see their idols in a home environment, clowning, having fun while still trying to win some prize money. this has been the case since TS1 and since this is the 3rd TS already, it must mean that some fans really want to see this kind of tournament. and since teams are also allowing themselves to be in compromising situations just to participate, it must also mean that this tournament is worth participating in.

Article 4/20/15, 10:05 AM