• Name Billy Joel Esquivel
  • Location Philippines
  • Primary game Dota 2

bjerq08's activity

when i saw him in TnC, i thought "yeah, he can be their Chrissy" - that talented mid turned greedy support which has been working out for Fnatic. but i agree with you. Rave is also missing their Chrissy mid and they'd definitely improve with Kuku there.

Article 4/12/16, 1:15 PM

game 3 mvp for me was definitely DJ's Chen - no bias. Ohaiyo's Nyx wouldn't have gotten that fast blink dagger without that Satyr's constant harass on the AM. they (nyx and the satyr) even managed to get a kill on him effectively shutting him down. then once Nyx got the dagger, he just started to roam and that boosted the OD's farm. and all of that space was created for the Spectre to get so fat - all on the back of exceptional play by DJ. so mad props to him, glad he's making it in the international scene. congrats to Fnatic! hope they make it further. #newpinoypride

Article 3/5/16, 5:02 AM

wow. TnC beat Redemption, Mineski, and MVP.Ph in this tourney. I hope they become a more consistent and fearsome team in SEA.

Article 2/21/16, 6:05 PM

i really don't get why this team is being hyped...

Article 12/17/15, 12:08 AM

what a statement from TNC on that game 4. ggwp boys!

Match 11/10/15, 6:03 PM

oh, I didn't read the update. MP, huh. i wonder what that news about ryor going back to korea was about.

Article 8/28/15, 3:55 AM

yeah, but they already have QO though. they play almost the same style mid. though Chrissy can go offlane, they'd have to shuffle roles around more. they just need a support now and Ryor fits that bill. plus, Chrissy is now in Fnatic.

Article 8/28/15, 3:53 AM

ryor from old rave is said to complete this lineup. oh, and 1nd!

Article 8/26/15, 5:32 PM
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