• Name Dan Jea
  • Location Cambodia
  • Primary game StarCraft

anatase's activity

Nice to see the cambodian esports scene grows, i wish them the best :)

Article 8/9/12, 2:32 PM

hooooooo that sounds very good!

Article 6/29/12, 12:06 PM

Yes you can watch replay with friend, which is awesome like in bw. If players are ingame and one of the disconnect, they can start the game from the disconnection moement (good for tournaments). Unranked matchmaking will just ease the pressure for ppl with ladder anxiety and help them to step up their game. Fairly good idea to me.

Article 5/8/12, 1:12 PM

yes #14 I agree these look good. But where the heck are the chatchannel ?

Article 5/8/12, 8:41 AM

i like pov streaming, it's cool they are having such a huge coverage, but i don't know if i would pay 10$ nonetheless

Article 4/13/12, 6:30 PM

why not doing this for middle and lower ranges of skill and leave it normal for master/grand master ?

Article 4/13/12, 6:28 PM

I think it's a moving Radar. I'm pretty sure what's on its back is a hugeeeeeeee antenna to receive BBC and CNN

Article 10/12/11, 7:01 AM

The 1st issue a the main one imho. But on the other hand, changing game allows progamers and/or community to change and to re-organize, often in a better way: Just like with BW and SC2, bw developped well even outside of korea, but SC2 now hugely exploded. It took from all the others competitive games to draw a nice network of competition and etc... Also it tooks time even to athletic sport to be what they are now, basket ball for example changed quite a lot in the beginning, rule wise or league wise. Esport is still young in that matter

Article 9/22/11, 9:42 AM
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