• Name Juan Rodriguez
  • Location Peru
  • Primary game DotA

xz1's activity

update your post, ztok already left unknown and they may disband soon

Article 12/7/15, 2:50 AM

Well in LAN tournament-ship everything can happen. From group A I think VP have potential to take the lead only if they stop picking vs as carry, Fnatic need to improve their draft, Newbee is kind of unbalanced team sometimes play either well/bad and EG could struggle to win some matches. In the group B I'm rooting for OG since they got meepo pickers, VG is one of my favorites , Vega is not the team they used to be and unknown they are just bad thus assuming there are only bo3 matches they are fucked up. Group C, for LGD rotk just needs to stop feeding then they could upset Secret, Newbee.Y is as unbalanced as Newbee, C9 is a regular team but not as strong as Secret. The last group D I'm rooting for Alliance and Mineski, Alliance is always strong in LAN and Mineski is playing quite well lately, CDEC need to improve their draft and Ehome is quite strong when they are well-focused. GL to every team , this tournament seems promising

Article 11/12/15, 4:39 AM

She's a very well-known gold digger from Peru, maybe you ain't know it lol

Article 10/24/15, 9:40 PM

garbage team no future for them, disband in few months, anyone wanna bet ? :D

Article 10/24/15, 4:06 PM

who cares about this retarded gold digger poser elune

Article 10/24/15, 3:47 PM

idc about this garbage team

Article 8/30/15, 6:11 PM

Poor performance by rift, I think DragonFist needs to improve his hero pool. Anyways well deserved Team Unknown

Article 5/19/15, 12:57 AM

Rave is still in 6.83 patch :v

Article 5/13/15, 8:43 PM
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