Kudos-Congratski Na'vi. (In Filipino: DAKILA Ang Na'Vi !) Thank You! Gabe Newell. Kudos to the people behind the scenes who worked hard to make this event possible. Special thanks to Icefrog. Kudos to Master Tobiwan Kenobi and Master Qui-Gon J[spoiler]I apologize, for the nickname. "May the force be with them"[/spoiler] And of course! Kudos www.gosugamers.net

Article 8/22/11, 4:59 AM

At least they got some 1,024,479.12 Rubles *respects*. M5 vs EH.Cn (67:01mins) is uncannily reminiscent of Mski.Ph vs Nv.Cn (68:01mins) at some point. Nv.Cn (M5 also radiant) came to an aggressive start and owning every score, until pressure on the top creep flow held them from pushing more in the mid although Nv.Cn wants mid rax early, the dire patiently evens out the kills, whilst an escapist carry (Mski:ninja.PoTM , EH:ninja.Weaver) is free-farming-out the then slowed pace of the game(becoming a defensive game a.k.a. farming game ), surely getting fatter, and then an encounter (for Mski a false mid encounter, for M5 a fatal team fight), and the first 3rd tower down was of the radiant, at this point its already est. 50+mins, and from then on, it suddenly became very intense, and favoring the dire side, then raxes fell fast, and after a last team fight gg was called. And 6 Common heroes AA, VS, PoTM, Weaver, ES, Slardar hows that for chance. The main difference is that this game is played on a much "class act", something all top teams have. GodBlessedThemAll! мир...

Article 8/20/11, 4:45 PM