Yes I agree The International is the World Cup. Luck may help but teams got to have that million dollar genius and mettle.

Article 8/30/18, 2:32 PM

Fly has already proved it to himself that newer teams may even have better chances. The game evolves on the fly so fresher squads are already preconditioned to adapt. We have seen OG scale unbelievably well no matter who they are up against. And their drafting greatly played to their known strengths. PSG.LGD almost had it but OG walked steadily.

Article 8/27/18, 10:16 AM

Sir Newell is genuinely the most wholesome executive in the games industry alright! His rendition of "LAKAD MATATAG!" for BKB pops should sell like hotcakes. ^_^

Article 8/22/18, 7:38 PM

I might agree with you! A teams tend to scale and win closer games. B teams are looking for upsets and revenge.

Article 8/14/18, 4:13 PM

Welcome! Your country is a great place to host another one or more. What is holding that decision is logistics and bureaucracies. TI is also a time they use special and very costly secret stuff. Anything can also go wrong so employees should be nearby. Canadian Visa is actually more stringent than the USA Visa. But their rules are better defined with no moody chances. Rest assured more kids prefer to play rather than work. Times are changing but things should only get better.

Article 8/10/18, 11:41 AM

Elon Musk has seen enough of its radiant potential but also knew of its dire consequences. He now advocates for mortal AI and had left OpenAI to save his conscience.

Article 6/27/18, 11:56 PM

Welcome back!

Article 6/27/18, 2:54 AM

May a new name bring the Aegis to the East!

Article 6/18/18, 7:31 PM