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Play Random, the only way to have loads of fun all the time ^^ Kinda like a box of chocolates, you never know what ya get ;)

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Hasn't the hate been thrown rather many times at this point? And the arguments for each side been said over and over :P I'd love to see how the players react to SC2 though, if they are going to stop playing BW and just move on or stick with it due to KeSPA and all that cal'. Anyways, sad news for all of us who don't understand korean :(

Article 9/14/09, 5:25 PM

#2 Sure there is a little bit of sexism to throw in a girl, but she's been on top of the female gaming for quite a bit of time as I understand it. And it's probably also a little bit of publicity ;) Going to be sweet to see some of the old school players duking it out <3

Article 7/4/09, 1:25 PM

#17 Agreed. Lee's insight is far superior. Love the streams, might make a donation to get the HD version of it, so you can actually see the units ;) And as said before, a little old, but still good.

Article 1/24/09, 9:22 PM

On a sidenote: IF Sen and Testie had elected to stay in ToT then they, ToT-gaming, would have held 50% of the top10 spots. Just an interesting fact that I just noticed :)

Article 5/31/07, 6:54 PM

I am hoping that some dickweed won't answer this with some flame. How does this actually work, the system I mean. I can see that there are four groups which can be seen as teams I guess, the question bascially is how they devised the teams and how the format i played. If there is any news on it, please point me in that direction, but I didn't see anything about it in the news. Peace

Article 5/24/07, 3:25 PM

#13 Dont' be such a sourpuss :P Naah, I think that when SC2, or IF, hits the shelves we are going to see a shorter shift towards that game as the gameplay is "tested" on a competitive level. Albeit, if it's any good at all, SCBW will die out quite quickly, but I think most of us are going to keep it for sentimental reasons and play it a bit every once in a while, I know I will. Also, on a sidenote, was there any hint towards what the other two projects [since I am assuming that they are only going to release one of the titles tomorrow] are? One of them might just be an expansion for WoW, and the other could be one of the two other games [i.e. if we are getting WC4 the third project could be SC2 or Diablo3, and all the other combinations from that pool]. Personally I am totally hoping for a NEW RTS game from Blizzard. They haven't let us down thus far, and I don't think they are planning on doing it anytime soon :D Peace

Article 5/18/07, 10:29 AM

Couldn't someone edit all the posts that just say "Aus is BM" to "I am a fucking retard and should be shot in the head with a double piped shotgun, using buckshot casings"? First of all, if you think Aus is BM then give some reason for it? If you think Aus is being BM for following the rules, and the 1-3 score to Aus implies that they did indeed get the default becuase one of their players was not on the team rooster. If you think they are BM because they are using something like the RULES for a tournament to get a win, well then consider it if Taiwan would have raised the issue and defaulted the games? They would be crowned as very noble and loving, because they realised that they were breaking the rules...and what do they get now? Same result, them loosing, but there is massiva flaming of Australia instead. FUCK THAT SHIT! I think that Taiwan is BM for not defaulting the game atm. They should do the noble thing and just bloody fucking default the game! [EDIT] Removed a bit of racism and flaming. Not going to call them out as POS in my post. [/EDIT]

Article 5/4/07, 12:02 PM

Nice :) Made me smile, although the name kinda gave it away...googlegamers, like wtf? :P

Article 4/1/07, 12:53 PM
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