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kodo12's activity

Actually I think it is the logical move to invite iG and VG. As a dota fan I'd say the tournament is much more exciting with these two and they are 2 of the best teams in the world so I don't see any reasons they shouldn't be invited... I like the new format better too:P.

Article 5/12/15, 12:44 PM

It was my fav dota tournament so far as well haha... I thought it had amazing panel. amazing games, amazing atmosphere, amazing format, amazing discipline and order. Wasn't long but it was two days of solid, focused, quality entertainment.

Article 5/12/15, 12:38 PM

First of all, in all honesty I expected Rave to be invited based on results post ti4, however after seeing NB getting the invite, we knew that it would be MY instead of Rave. Because after all MY still had majority of their roster from last 2 years and they've had a decent run in the TI's. Or perhaps Rave wasn't invited (not attempting to offend anyone., purely speculating) because Philippine dota community's purchasing power isn't very high?

Article 5/7/15, 10:37 AM

Are they seriously complaining about the 'roster leak'?... So DAC is supposed to delay everything just so they could keep this a secret for a while longer? LOL

Article 1/7/15, 3:23 AM

it was in taiwan so.... hmm sort of I guess LOL I don't wanna go into the political debate but it's not really that foreign.

Article 12/31/14, 1:20 PM

Black 69% hahahahah grats to all the winners:P

Page 12/31/14, 1:39 AM

agreed. it is probably the most easily sacrificed out of the 3. (MLG/ESL being other 2)

Article 12/16/14, 4:41 AM

lol... ESL and MLG has their own large following whereas Dreamhack has long past its prime... The number of competition in June/July has nothing to do with that... It is more due to school holidays and increase of dota activities prior to TI.

Article 12/14/14, 3:55 AM
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