• Name sina vosugh
  • Location Iran, Islamic Republic of
  • Primary game DotA
Just ViVa ReBorN Just ViVa My fave!!

pkm.hypernova's activity

Heh Dk's Atack Destroyed Everyone Best Superstars Team ever! Missed yaphetS alot with that Tyloo vs Dk Storm spirit! Missed Him much GoGo Burning FTW!!!

Article 10/29/11, 11:20 PM

Hmmm intresting!

Article 10/27/11, 9:22 AM

Perfect perfect and Just perfect as it said PiS! Cool Best News!

Article 9/8/11, 1:05 PM

Perfect Just Perfect! missed SF ult !!! Missed YaphetS GameStyle! Btw Pro Dota 2:X Love it

Article 8/16/11, 2:10 AM

Who Me!?!! Who Him!?!!! I guess just iranians Can get this! :P Viva parazit:P Viva MYM Reborn YaphetS

Blog 8/14/11, 11:22 AM


Article 8/14/11, 9:33 AM

What a Pro League!!! NeeD YaphetS!!! Love ReBoRn gaming!

Article 8/11/11, 4:29 PM

#5 My question 2!!!! :(( YaphetS

Article 8/10/11, 11:49 PM
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