• Name tang wu
  • Location China
  • Date of birth Oct 6, 1987
  • Primary game Dota 2

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Any team with 1437 on roster is bound to be a failure.

Article 1/23/19, 2:32 AM

hahahahahahaha Your comment will be deleted soon. Online rant is the weakest of all, what can you do? Can you change Valve's mind? No. SAD. We have 3 TI titles, what do you pinoys have? 0, ZERO, NONE, NOTHING. Besides 2nd place finishes are still better than what you have anyway. You can't even get a major title with a pinoy lineup.

Article 12/6/18, 2:13 AM

This is a Filipino website just so you know...

Article 12/4/18, 11:09 AM

KUKU used a racist word in an official game and the team tried to cover it up, a couple of weeks later things got out of control, then TNC came out apologizing and the whole world think that we Chinese are bad just because we wouldn't let go? You know what? We can be reasonable, but we do not want to. Yes China is a bully and valve chose China over Pinoy because of the money, keep thinking it that way. Just so you know that I am happy we can bully you like this, while there is not a goddamn thing you can do about it. Just like the US patrolling around the world, I am happy it is our turn to push you out of the way, get used to it, it will be your norm.

Article 12/4/18, 11:07 AM

Get your facts straight! They tried to cover it up as you can see in this picture. https://i.imgur.com/Zqt7sfF.jpg Then things blew up in their face then they apologized and punished kuku. How sincere do you think that is?

Article 12/4/18, 10:53 AM

You are significantly off-topic and just lashing out your hatred. You know, the inability of focus is usually the sign of poor education. I have not for once mentioned communism, yet you came out bashing it like it hurts me. For all it's worth, go ahead please, I don't like communism at all. And it also shows your ignorance and incompetence, so two birds with one stone.

Article 12/4/18, 3:25 AM

As a Chinese, I can understand why a lot of Filipinos don't like China and Chinese people. Our government has not been friendly at all and I for one don't like the bullying stance. But I think your hostile speech is not helping and rather childish. YOU WANT A FULL-OUT WAR WITH CHINA OR THE CHINESE DOTA2 COMMUNITY? WE WILL CRUSH YOU PINOYS IN EVERY SINGLE POSSIBLE ASPECT OF IT. Now BACK OFF and talk like a sane reasonable person. KUKU did something wrong and the punishment was a bit too heavy, but this nationalism is a long-going problem here and some people killed his own country man just because the guy bought a Japanese car, so the way I see it, everybody should move on and live with it, it's by far a satisfactory resolution but it is the best realistic one.

Article 12/4/18, 2:14 AM

I wouldnt jump to conclusion that quickly though. History has taught us a lot, Newbee at TI4 and Wings at TI6 looked equally if not more dominant, and bare in mind that Liquid did drop to lower bracket and had to fought really hard to get through VP and LFY. We thought IG's reign would last forever yet it fell apart in just a few months (I still remember BTS studio gave IG full 10 ratings in their tedious hexagon, whereas they gave xboct a 4 lol). It's also not the first time we had an all-star super team, we've had DK and secret (secret even had couple versions of all-star rotation). There are a lot of things that can happen, patch and meta game switch, studies and counter picks, etc. Liquid showed up right place right time, but I doubt it will last.

Article 9/7/17, 4:49 PM
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