Congratulations! You succeded Azarkon as new retard king on GG!

Match 9/5/14, 11:09 PM

Oh so you are the Azarkon everybody mocks. Nice to meet you, man.

Article 12/13/13, 8:25 PM

ROFL You are dead-on right :D

Match 12/7/13, 10:01 PM

Dude, your logic is failure. He's criticizing a pro whose skill is probably higher than he is. How does that compare to knowing how to build a TV and not allowing to watch it? If you wanna compare things, at least, connect the dots correctly. Kainlord didn't say Maemon should not be watching but rather he should not be overly criticizing. Know the difference, please.

Article 12/5/13, 12:53 AM


Article 12/3/13, 10:40 PM

Ah, that makes sense. Thanks!

Match 11/22/13, 1:26 PM

^ idiot that cannot even tell the difference between flags.

Match 11/22/13, 11:04 AM

Can anybody tell me why Sylar will not be playing?

Match 11/22/13, 10:53 AM