That's exactly what they do. Are you serious? The new potential teammates play in scrims first before they get accepted. Jesus, you are clueless.

Article 8/29/16, 2:58 AM

How do you know most south koreans do not speak English? I live in LA and I see many Korean visitors speak English. Please do not generalize unless you know something for certain or it would make you look foolish.

Article 8/28/16, 8:28 PM

Are you serious? You think they hadn't played a couple of games together before they decided to team up? SMH

Article 8/28/16, 8:25 PM


Match 6/16/16, 1:53 PM


Article 6/9/16, 6:51 PM

I am sure you know how their team works better than PPD himself. /rollseyes

Article 6/5/16, 7:44 AM

Then, does you having flag of mexico on your account make you a Korean? Make some sense. You will be assumed as a mexican if you have a flag of mexico, you imbecile.

Article 5/27/16, 12:59 AM

I hate Trump. But your post make me wanna vote for Trump.

Article 5/24/16, 9:17 PM