• Name Nahuel Ratovicius
  • Location Argentina
  • Primary game DotA

Kainlust's activity

They (I'm talking about SA teams here...) actually don't have the chance. But why deny them that chance? Some teams are practicing really hard. It COULD be a solution because you are giving the team to qualify the EXPERIENCE of a lan, maybe some money, and the motivation to train harder. Open qualifiers gave CDEC the chance to participate at ti5.

Article 11/2/16, 11:09 AM


Match 8/9/16, 9:13 AM

these users usually are bots, so don't bother answering them, just report them! :)

Match 8/9/16, 2:45 AM

Easiest SERIES (which is the point of a bo3 my friend) of MVP's life ;)

Match 8/9/16, 2:44 AM

Guys, #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 are farm positions. The #1 is the hero which spends more time farming and the #5 is the one who farms the less. So dendi plays between #3 and #1 positions (#3 would be his Magnus/Pudge #2 his Puck/QoP/Invoker and #1 his Templar Assassin/Ember Spirit/Invoker). You change positions during the game so it makes no sense using the term hard carry and #1 at the same time. By example Puck before she gets his dagger could have #1 farm priority. I hope my humble opinion makes sense!

Article 1/26/16, 8:14 PM

GG, Revenge is the best south american team, lets hope they keep doing this good... And I praise to get some perubians that plays atleast 10% of these guys... :(

Match 12/22/13, 8:15 PM

the rule of thumb for many is: When behind, five man.

Match 12/22/13, 2:02 PM

His elder titan is shit and he should feel bad for it imo. His NP and LD are amazing, but he's not versatile.

Match 12/16/13, 10:05 PM
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