Wish them luck!

Article 9/16/12, 12:57 PM

At first I didnt want iG winning agaist Na'Vi,but as it seems they are completely the best at the moment.

Article 9/15/12, 12:41 AM

I like that roster pretty much, Good luck ! [^_^]

Article 9/13/12, 12:04 AM

Bulgarian team under Darer's name. This has just boosted up my mood!

Article 9/12/12, 8:05 PM

#3 First lots of organisations do not even have a sponsor, the imortant thing is that they've accepted to support those guys isn't it? And second you can google it to see what's RaidCall if you aren't sure =)

Article 9/10/12, 4:48 PM

#44 It's completely false. I am in touch with MUFC manager at the moment. They are waiting for Valve to approve if they could use a stand in. Once it's decided, they are thinking of making an official statement.

Article 8/25/12, 8:30 PM

#39 "...who has never achieved anything "? Did you read #37 comment?

Article 8/21/12, 6:28 PM

This video is just so amazing, strong and inspiring!

Article 8/17/12, 3:30 PM