Hao badmanner with new players Kappa

Article 7/5/13, 9:28 PM

final aliance vs quantic, i guess. Free gold for [A]

Article 7/4/13, 6:41 PM

4th is a fucking good game, very well played by Mushi and Net, but draft game 5 was horrible, ogre and sky isnt a good idea, orange has only arrow windrunner aoe skill ;/ gratz LGD and ORANGE. @EDIT: btw wrong screenshot draft game 4

Article 6/29/13, 5:26 PM

B-God <3, so sad he will retire after the international 3

Article 6/27/13, 4:36 PM

final BO1?

Article 6/21/13, 6:36 PM

175 kills

Article 6/21/13, 3:35 AM

Final BO1? i think final is lgd.cn vs orange

Article 6/20/13, 5:56 PM

forlove.cn please

Article 5/14/13, 10:02 PM