• Name joncel ortega
  • Location Philippines
  • Primary game Dota 2

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wew.. his 1 of my idol .. maybe after TI1 he got brain stuck also

Article 2/2/15, 3:35 PM

by the way. where is artsyle?

Article 2/2/15, 1:54 PM


Match 1/28/15, 6:24 AM

m5 shit

Match 1/26/15, 7:07 PM

keep it up sir.

Article 11/14/14, 12:04 AM

+1 here also.. i guess there's somebody who has an open mind... most of rude pinoys are children whos playing dota at thier young age or just uneducated individual.. they dont know what will be the after effect of being rude pinoy.. i always try to correct other pinoy for doing immature acts.. but really i salute you for understanding some of us

Match 10/25/14, 9:41 AM

of course .. we will bet on our own countrymen.. how bout yours..? do you have a team playing in this big event.? nope..? well i guess.. you dont have a right to descriminate us then.. just show some respect.. not all of us are rude and everything.. some of us are great filipinos.. so please.. show some respect.. we would love to have a wonderful chat with other nations...

Match 10/25/14, 9:36 AM

i was intrigue of how racist you are.. posting comments like that.. you act like 1 shitty pinoy also.. im pinoy but i totally hate rude pinoys.. but youre acting like one.. its like a cycle... you hate him.. we hate you and then goes around.. its totally never ending.. its useless. so why dont just bet, give some hints, give some true opinions not some shitty ones like yours, see. im provoking you right now and i dont want that.. coz i want other races to respect pinoy also... not all of us are rude and uneducated. some of us just want some peacful game, and betting. hope you understand me sir

Match 9/27/14, 9:55 PM
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