• Name Khaled El-Khabbash
  • Location Russian Federation
  • Primary game DotA

sQreen's activity

not bad

Article 9/13/15, 9:36 AM

with using our money for notarize that, when its no needed and just enough to send money for one of players

Article 6/10/15, 4:58 PM

ty, i hope ppl will understand that and wont cooperate with that guys again, which trying to get easy money when doing nothing at the same point

Article 6/10/15, 1:00 PM

hello, duza gaming is not the organisation, its just a name of the team, under which we had to play that tour coz we had no our spot there, that time duza partially disbanded, limbo left for m5 and others left for others team aswell, and last player of duza - general, invited us to play with him for some tours, which they had to play. That dragin is most scam retard in cis, no one wants to cooperate with him, we only had a deal with him coz one of our players "general" said to him he will give 10% after playing that tour, why and what he did for his 10% - i dont know, when no one of us did agree with that, so actually general is only one who should pay to him and that limbo, but we will help him and give our part of money too, coz he get scammed by these retards, which will be blacklisted from good tours i hope. Actually the 2 scammers took our 20%, coz general said to them OK, when they was talking about tour spot, same time no one of others players did agree with that at start.

Article 6/10/15, 12:29 PM

why do u think like that lol, his agressive style is always good at dota, doesent matter how long he will not play, he will be always legit coz of that

Article 6/9/15, 12:07 PM

just for info, we're sqreen's squad now, just played under duza that tour coz we didnt have spot there, next tour where we gonna play is msi dragon battle if some1 wants to follow us

Article 6/8/15, 9:14 PM

admins, can u remove me from m5 roster and stop recording wrong stats for games w/o me? thanks

Match 3/14/15, 5:46 PM

that's a just old m5, not m5.int

Match 2/8/15, 7:26 AM
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