• Name Muhammad Al-Rubaie
  • Location Eritrea
  • Primary game LoL
me pro


stream fucking solid. too good

Match 11/22/13, 11:42 PM

Overrated as hell.

Article 5/14/13, 7:45 PM

lol dat thread

Article 5/14/13, 10:39 AM

WCG is a joke

Article 5/9/13, 3:14 PM

BTS all the way.

Article 5/7/13, 8:05 AM

BTS not invited?

Article 5/4/13, 2:44 PM

pinoy doto julz doto pinoy pride doto [crazy] [crazy] [crazy] [crazy]

Article 4/5/13, 3:05 PM

More interview with asian food recipes!

Article 8/22/12, 5:59 AM
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