just saying, I keep hearing such stuff since TI1. Not even close yet and no real positive dinamycs here.

Article 1/27/14, 8:31 PM

Idk... Brax? Achieved in dota 2 at least much more than hyhy in LoL, was top-2 in G-1 league at least, facing best teams in the world. And what impact are you talking about? SGS was top-2 of GPL before hyhy came, still was top-2 after he came. Still were unable to qualify to worlds, at s2 finals qualifier they were top-2 of SEA, same with hyhy in s3. Still useless. And i saw hyhy playing-it's a joke, he can only hit creeps, any skillshot he could've missed he missed. No one ever spoke about hyhy being good, his orianna is trash, he can only play karthus, which is champion for brain damaged tards, you need to farm creeps and walk in a middle of teamfight to die, nothing more. And true definition of gaming in terms of skill is SC1. Dota is 50 times individually easier, and dota 2 is even more easy. Also LoL requires more roar mechanics in general, in dota 2 you can be top player just because your good knowledge about the game, but in LoL you need to have robotic reactions. That's why best dota 2 players are about 25 (Dendi, Loda, Akke and many more), while best LoL players are all 16-20.

Article 1/21/14, 4:54 PM

I'm not mad. Just Hyhy thought as typical doto player "omg LoL is so easy, i will win millions without even trying", but when he actually started, he managed to win nothing even in weakest region in the world and understood that he sucks here.

Article 1/21/14, 9:52 AM

Hyhy never was top mid whatsoever. They lost to every single decent opponent and even lost to useless mineski, who won 0 maps at worlds. And SEA is just the weakest region in LoL and even there he managed to lose.

Article 1/21/14, 8:52 AM

If LoL is that easy, why hyhy sucked hardcore everywhere and was unable even to qualify for worlds, losing to mineski, who haven't won a single map at worlds? Your top-3 TI1 was top-100 in LoL at his best. So he will easily return to doto 2 and crush some faces, cause it really takes 0 skill.

Article 1/21/14, 8:51 AM

Amount of won tournament practically the same. Also any team with misery does well on its first tournament and then starts to suck to everyone, 100% like pgg teams.

Article 1/16/14, 11:01 PM

Just misery is not skilled enough. After disband of MyM he was falling further and further and now is like eu version of PGG.

Article 1/16/14, 7:00 PM

Good choice. HoN ded gaem, doto is dead gaem, doto 2 is cancer gaem, LoL is teh future.

Article 1/12/14, 11:39 AM