• Name Michael Chaly
  • Location Russian Federation
  • Date of birth Jan 9, 1990
  • Primary game DotA

Vizvezdenec's activity

Singapore sentinels lost to trash shit who were trashed even by american retards in 20 minutes. They play in the weakest region and still unable to be top here. About my level of dota-in pubs wil elo rating in dota i met a lot of guys from russian semi-pro scene, who were playing in pgg/stand-ins for m5/played for TOM/OSI and stuff. Guess my level of dota is above 99% of average. Just i guess 19-year old kids like to eat valve shit :D

Article 5/29/14, 5:09 PM

some butthurted dota 2 fan here, huehue. All I can say. Brax-ex LoL player, top 3 pub player (not even part of competitive scene) of pretty weak region (NA), was at 2 internationals and won 2nd place at G-league. Hyhy-part of top-3 team in the world, was unable to beat trash mineski, who got stomped in all their matches at worlds. So obviously, LoL is much harder that dota 2, because some mediocore LoL pub player achieves more in dota 2 than one of the best players in dota 2 achieved in LoL. And yeah, I played dota for 7 years, nothing hard here. LoL is much easier to learn but much harder to master, you can just deal with it.

Article 5/29/14, 1:48 PM

Eu is not really better. If you want to watch good and agressive LoL-you whould watch OGN and LPL. For example, 3rd game of Najin vs IM masters had score like 31-15 in 35 minutes.

Article 4/28/14, 9:53 AM

Idk where you saw such meta, tbh. In trash NA or smth like that? Last games teams usually have equal amount of kills as minutes in game+map is smaller so little skirmishes happen much faster. After wathing OGN dota 2 looks really boring and focused on farm too much.

Article 4/23/14, 3:05 PM

Why you keep putting armenian flag to Edward? Yes, his _nationality_ is armenian, but _citizenship_ is russian. He is citizen of Russia. You are not putting chinese flag to doublelift or link, right?

Article 2/15/14, 9:57 AM

One more idiot thought he can make easy money in LoL. W/e, as all of that switchers before, he will fail and retire.

Article 2/14/14, 8:19 AM

Bitch, please... Playing high level LoL is more difficult then playing high level dota. And dota 2 is easier than dota for sure (just because all gameplay bugs caused by wc3 engine were removed). Dota has much more room to cheese, while in LoL you should have good mechanical skill to be at decently high elo.

Article 1/28/14, 1:48 AM

Have you ever heard about sarcasm?)

Article 1/28/14, 1:46 AM
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