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Thunderbolt's activity

Good news for once: Yames will host for the english strim, Yeppas and Skrf will be Obs.

Article 1/22/16, 12:57 AM

LMAO this better be a joke. I cant imagine how puppey would be able to tolerate a guy like EE

Article 8/21/15, 3:56 PM

RTZ "generates independent thought" what? that fits much more to aui than to rtz

Article 8/20/15, 3:48 PM

the *most* broken hero of this version is clearly lesh, not tusk

Article 8/10/15, 12:56 AM

I guess you mean to say of the west and I dont consider fata being on par with them. Id say at the top of playing mid are RTZ, sumail, Cty and Maybe atm. maybe G as well to some extent. that was also one of the reasons CDEC lost, their mid player was definately not on par with sumail during the laning phase.

Article 8/9/15, 3:36 PM

regarding CDEC: as well as they played in all those games before: 1. they cannot play vs techies, meaning they needed to invest one ban on that each time and therefore give one good hero to the enemy which you cannot afford to do. 2. they cannot play well enough for a final with the most broken hero of this version 3. they couldnt adapt to a different play style when it was forced onto them considering all this they did not deserve to win this final series vs EG

Article 8/9/15, 3:25 PM

its not just valve. all these kinds of tournaments end with almost no post game analysis of the final game and "abandon ship" mentality as soon as the tournament ends.

Article 8/9/15, 3:22 PM

tbh sumail is even more than a kid in all seriousness. but his team was better this year and he also plays ember (definately) and storm (most likely a bit) better than RTZ and RTZ was not the mid player most of the time here at TI (which I consider to be a mistake if s4 cannot keep up with the other mid players)

Article 8/9/15, 3:20 PM
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