haha what a dodge. ig will also follow.

Article 1/13/15, 1:12 PM


Article 1/12/15, 9:23 PM

turn on your adblocks until this tournament pays out previous winners.

Article 1/12/15, 7:24 PM

lgd just more superior than HGT but who knows HGT might upset LGD.

Article 1/9/15, 8:22 PM

"the prizepool for the last season was paid out in under 15 days of its conclusion" will certainly support this tourney. This is the kind of tournament that u guys should invest/support rather than that bogus tournament who hasn't paid since their last two season pfft.

Article 1/9/15, 8:15 PM

ehome did not even go 3 -0 against VPP with stand-in. CDEC choked on D2L.

Article 1/8/15, 8:12 AM

nope its between these teams newbee,c9, VP.Polar,LGD and VG

Article 1/8/15, 7:53 AM

ti5 gold theme? EZ 2 million base prize pool.

Article 1/8/15, 7:50 AM