GZ multiaccs^^ GZ gosugamers for being tricked GZ gosuplayers who get 40 more noobs joined to the beta no comment... [crazy]

Article 10/26/11, 9:34 PM

Noway, i was killed by scourge...^^ If you even could skill the stats.. I mean WTF is this? Who needs to lasthit with techies? Gimme SF or whatever °_° Its not about skill but they want to find the greatest nerds who spent 100 hours by reaching 100 cs.. gg Chinese's no chance with my 46/13

Article 9/21/11, 5:07 PM

Oh my god! Whats ur problem chineses? Or its hard 2 see own team hard sucking? The only reason is fear or gay [T_T] Its really tricky , all chineses know rules yeah, i mean look if 1 chinese team would take part in EU tornament they would be loved and forgived every mistake... But go on communism rules, i think next time DOTA 2 if ur Nickname got 1 chinese letter = disqualified

Article 9/13/11, 6:53 PM

NS = Support Dread = Carry?Gank? God = SoloMidorLeave PGG + Vigoss? Pls they cant play support Maybe u kick NS too and get Vein? Like Real Madrid! [T_T] Im hope it will work M5 but i dont wanna see PGG on shaker, like waisted LgHtfHvN in NaVi playing support heroes. Ebash Garaj [:P]

Article 9/1/11, 1:32 AM