#1 group A vs #1 group B who gonna win? CN DOTA BEST DOTA

Article 8/12/17, 5:07 AM

yes vp couldve gone tiebreaker w og.. if iG take that game2 seriously. if boboka ddnt go bf,sny and go for lotus orb which is the obvious choice bcoz vp got silencer things should be more way interesting. i guess that iG just had fun coz they secured their place

Article 8/7/17, 3:16 PM

yeah i agree w you. im a vp fan too since G era(the one w all russian bzz/633).. im hoping they solved what problem they had in kiev

Article 8/6/17, 5:28 PM

8-6 feels like thyre the same with VP this TI. thy hve what it takes but the problem is thyre cockiness

Article 8/6/17, 4:51 PM

Liquid>iG (slight adv to TL) NewBee=EG (gonna be epic) LFY>TNC (tnc has a chance if lfy underestimate them) LGD>VP (not the vp we all expected, i thought theyre the new wings coming this TI7) its LGD's time to bring home the Aegis hoping LGD vs Team Liquid finals.. sylar to fall liquid are not doing it TriHard

Article 8/6/17, 3:05 PM

yes theyll continue the momentum.. theyre different than others its gonna be TI4 all over again Kappa

Article 8/6/17, 2:55 PM

ur meaning to say gettin 3rd n 4th place got crushed? maybe gettin 2nd too.. lol

Article 12/10/16, 11:38 AM

NewBee really looks scary right now.. that headline image :O

Article 6/3/16, 10:07 PM