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"They didnt even qualify to minors or majors. Why should they be at the TI then? Doesn't make sense." LOL it makes sense bcos we have TI qual and 2slots for CN where qualfiers are always stacked is deserving. and if i remember correctly LFY and Keen managed to appear in some minor/major. just imagine if OpTic gaming got through VP and got directly invited to TI then VGJ.T will not CN will likely get 3slots while NA 2slots dont make an excuse like "4 CN teams alrdy got invited why valve give them 2 more slots?" those 4 CN teams earned that and it only shows how strong their region is

Article 6/13/18, 4:18 PM

why u only mentioning Keen and LFY? theres more like iGs EHOME they just somewhat forgotten bcos they cant qualify to minor/major due to how stacked the CN qualfier is and hystorically to TI CIS always chokes. VP has a chance to take the aegis this TI but im afraid w their cockiness. you know what im sayin if u watched VP vs PSG.LGD upper bracket Supermajor.

Article 6/13/18, 10:23 AM

LOL its not their fault that they got directly invited. they work hard for it. and every TI CN teams never disappoints making surprises

Article 6/12/18, 11:04 AM

you sir is a joke. CIS is trash except VP. i guess ur just one hopeless NaVi fansht thats y u want 2slot for CIS. i hope ex-VP + biver rekts them and qualify

Article 6/12/18, 10:55 AM

^this shit right here. its like when EG won TI5 everybody is goin crazy abt sumail(i mean hes godly w his storm). but forgot the others especially Aui's techies

Article 11/9/17, 6:06 PM

thats too early for you to say, my friend Kappa

Article 9/2/17, 7:19 AM

Kaka reached 9k mmr last yr mostly support. Edit: But i dont know if hes still 9k

Article 8/14/17, 6:05 AM

Congrats team Liquid. I already knew they gonna win TI7 when they beat LFY. coz team Liquid is like the kryptonite of NewBee since last yr. Sad for kaka though such underrated guy. The first 9k mmr support

Article 8/14/17, 3:18 AM
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