These are my guesses: 1. Loda 2. Xcalibur(EDIT: Xcalibur is unavailable. Era, maybe) 3. bOne7 / Trixi / (EDIT: Jonassomfan) 4. Pablo 5. Eskil / EGM

Article 10/4/17, 10:42 AM

Dota player have no patience. There is no glue holding these stacks together at all.

Article 9/27/17, 11:23 AM

I want them to trim the client of useless data. Game client storage size has swolen a lot in the last year. 18541 Megabyte on my harddrive. Dota didn't use to have this size.

Article 9/19/17, 11:33 AM

That's pathetic ;(

Article 9/12/17, 3:56 PM

Garter needs to shave that beard. Nice squad. But this also means that Alliance is denied MiCke and iNsania. Very intresting!

Article 9/12/17, 10:48 AM

Limmp and Chessie are better than pretty OK in my optinion. They are great. Limmp's one of the best mid players.

Article 9/8/17, 9:56 AM

I can't stand these bad photoshopped images. Nice team though

Article 9/5/17, 7:04 PM

Looks like Limmp got a better offer and left his mates!

Article 9/5/17, 11:00 AM