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[quote]@8 Keep sucking Riot's D**K, you ignorant moron. Read the article properly, it's based on x-fire the most questionable software to get data from. Starcraft 2 under Maplestory, i think there's something seriously wrong here. I read from reddit they took the time data from year 2009 where SC2 and Diablo 2 haven't released yet. But still WoW as the most subscribed mmorpg in the world come second to LoL? This is retarded and shame on GG.net to put at the front news because this is as inaccurate as Fox News report on weapon of mass destruction.[/quote] oh im sorry if i hurt your feelings by not saying that DOTA or SC2 or w/e is the best game in the world. need a cookie to feel well again? But just to make myself clear since obviously some people arnt able to read and understand. 1. im a broodwar player, still ... played it to much... cant stop 2. Riot is a company , companies arnt male nor female, you cant suck their dick 3. All i said is , it could be(!) and in addition i presented some additional more accurate data about LoL so people could follow my thoughts. ( i count you out of that so so nvm) 4. you can see fox news in malaysia o.O? 5. no im not sorry to hurt your feelings :D gg no re

Article 7/17/12, 6:43 PM

I still think that LoL could be number 1. Riot Games published a statistic some time ago. here is a Link : http://riot-web-static.s3.amazonaws.com/images/news/November_2011/2011_11_17_lol_numbers/riot_lol_infographic_full.jpg Since Riot has the login and logout data of every player this should be more accurate and its worldwide , not just EU and NA. Now you can calculate it on your own.

Article 7/17/12, 1:07 PM

I had to turn it off , couldnt hear it anymore... this is soooo ridiculous. Concerning to them there are only two reasons that somebody doenst agree with them. They havnt seen the first episode or they didnt understand/listened carfully enough. They doesnt even know the range of an immortal, viking or phoenix... that much to the competence about two zerg players talking about balance in TvP and PvZ. But for sure nobody is "qualified" to talk ^^

Article 2/11/11, 3:14 PM

@ #59 ok now i get it. thats why they made it!!! :D

Article 2/4/11, 10:36 AM

Me as a protoss gamer agree with the PvP issue. That matchup is totaly fucked up. but to call vikings and point defense drone balanced in TvP speaks for their competence as some guys mentioned here. I dont think that the 2 zerg players focused to much on PvT. But in Pvz they arnt wrong, collossus are strong as long as the protoss is good enough and doesnt get catched off guard.

Article 2/3/11, 5:59 PM

i hate the thor

Article 12/1/09, 12:08 AM

You know what blizazrd? FUCK YOU , im fucking tired of it. Honestly i was joking around with my friends nearly 3(!) years(!!!) ago. I bet they will announce the beta the first time in 2009 and it will be out punctual with the Football(Soccer) championchip 2010. i hate it when im right.

Article 11/8/09, 11:41 PM

1 p top 10 4 p top 24 but artosis is right... toss is imba...

Article 11/3/09, 1:00 PM
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