nice to know your opinion, imbakrastavac, but wasn't tribal in #3 in div1 ? isn't Serbia in top 6 of the MYM prime nations atm, with Sweden, Germany, Lebanon, France and Greece out ? That only proves that Serbs can play on high competitive level. They could have even been in top 3, if they didn't make mistakes against Croatia. So I personally think u are wrong, even though u are imba, not to mention krastavac

Article 4/22/11, 12:57 AM

da je daki najjaci, vidi se i po tome sto jedino njegov comment nije denied, niti ce biti <3 p.s. tomo obozavam te! pozdravi mi Suncicu.

Article 4/21/11, 1:00 PM

"and after a while I'm sure that Serbia national team can be only better if they take even 3 or 4 players from VisaTM" @#25 and what exactly is your point? didn't he say that "everyone needs to improve " already o_O. if u think this is affecting your team, then take it on private, don't write bullshit that makes no sense, and pls, even if u do, learn english and then start using it properly. @#22 just because u are jealous or have complexes doesn't mean u need to troll around. we scrim a lot with our friends and even our manager when we lack 5th, so if u think that team skill should be measured via #dotacw.euro o_O then u are just pathetic. demonic, nice, and more important fun interview :) thx for everyone else who wanna troll around, join #ZET-eSports, and we can play whenever we schedule. big thx to our lovely manager Fuush, and ZET organisation.

Article 4/20/11, 9:12 PM

@#9 what don't u agree with ?

Article 4/20/11, 1:51 PM