Article 3/8/12, 1:12 PM

@#70 and what if we lived in some tribe, and we didn't know what the spoon is - how would we play dota then? please dude... if you dont understand what he wanted to say then dont comment on it. im sure he didnt want to be offensive to anyone out there. and in fact, the standard in sweden is not what it used to be, but its still better then the most of the countries. we dont earn the amount u mentioned in serbia, we earn a bit more, but i can also say that money is nothing. i care for it as much as i need it to live properly, dress up nice and have money to spend downtown. im sure drayich meant the same ( just in some other things like feeding the family and paying for the bills which is the most important ). start being open minded. As for the guys like LeeN and all the ones who argue with him - the guy uses google translate to post a comment. how do you think he reads the article, and most important - understands it ? :)

Article 2/19/12, 11:32 AM

riadcall tournament announcement = RAIDCALL ... on topic - looking forward to many participants as well as the interesting and exciting tournament :)

Article 2/15/12, 12:03 AM

@#118 if you want to know my personal opinion about blizzard, it is that they are overly protective about THEIR games, such as StarCraft 2. on the other hand, on this topic, no I don't support this lawsuit, even though the game itself is based on a map from StarCraft called as #120 mentioned, the title is not theirs. and I wish that the game would go out as DotA 2 and I'm sure it will, which is the most important thing. as for you #119, all I can write is :)

Article 2/10/12, 12:25 PM

nature's prophet is called nature's prophet, yet we call him furion

Article 2/10/12, 12:11 PM

@#108 I have enough intelligence to read and understand comments, you can hate me for that, and yes i have enough intelligence and knowledge to understand the situation and express my opinion about it, you can call me arrogant for that, and you can call me blizzard fan boy for playing warcraft 3 competitively, starcraft 2 competitively, DotA competitively and for playing lost vikings when i was like 5. I never said Diablo 3 is going to be great, in fact all I said related to Diablo 3 was that I disliked their concept about the auction house. If that means that I said the game is going to be greatly developed, then I should make a post in german for you, so you can understand what's written. If you think I'm "defending" blizzard, then, again I will write a post in german so you can understand what I've said, as I mentioned blizzard as the inventor of the games I mentioned previously. I never said they were the greatest developer, I just said their games were great and world-wide accepted and played. In fact, all I said, and none of you who are responding to me read it, was that this news is pointless to write about, and joinDOTA closing the topic about it proves my point. why? cus bunch of people will just write pointless comments which aren't related to topic and spread hatred.

Article 2/10/12, 11:42 AM

@#96 what I don't understand is, why are you even trying to argue with me, when you basically can't understand what I wrote, nor you can explain what you think, as your english is bad :/ if you can't stand my idiotic responses ( which you can't even understand ) then simply don't try to read :) @#98 yes, in fact - that's what I'm trying to prove here, my response is all about that

Article 2/10/12, 10:58 AM

@#83 sorry to disappoint you, but I can see the difference between old and new blizzard :/ they grew 100000000x bigger then they used to be, and in fact, ye - I like that, as they will keep making great games, although I disagree with some of their concepts, such as the auction house in Diablo 3. yet again, this topic is not about blizzard, it should be about the name of the game Valve is producing - either it will be DotA 2 or something else. the point is - if you like the game, and if you are such a HARDCORE FAN OF DOTA1 OMG, and if you stop playing it cus its not called DotA 2 and it's based and same as original DotA, and yet improved, then you being the hardcore fan of dota 1 is bullshit. I do understand journalist should cover EVERYTHING related to DotA on this site, but I would seriously leave this stuff out next time, as 99% people won't even understand what's written, nor they will read properly or at all. And all we can get from these topics is billions of stupid comments and opinions, which don't make sense, while the game is still being developed and will go out by the name of DotA 2 or something else.

Article 2/10/12, 10:45 AM