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The ;cultural revolution; for Chinese culture exactly what kind of spirit allowing cause? [url=http://www.mbtusafootwear.com/mbt-tembea-c-71.html]MBT Tembea[/url] People will think of two points: first, ;down with all; ;Wolf nature,; this ;Wolf sex; attack up and lawlessness, even couples father-son eat, Second, ;infinite loyal to; ;enslavement;, the ;enslavement; performances lies in position decide right and decide the [url=http://www.mbtusafootwear.com/mbt-fanaka-c-65.html]MBT Fanaka[/url] good and evil, decided to authenticity. The professor said. ;these holes reporter row up team to shoot,[url=http://www.mbtusafootwear.com/]cheap [b]mbt[/b] shoes[/url] I all do not love dearly;, stirring must use ;dozen black means; [b][url=http://www.mbtusafootwear.com/]mbt shoe discount[/url][/b] strike ;traitors reporter;, it is hard to avoid lets a person associate to cultivate the ;cultural revolution; of the ;Wolf sex; and ;enslavement; comprehensive attack.

Article 3/14/11, 10:45 AM

Cctv1 organizers have stressed, and kingdom's,[b][url=http://www.mbtusafootwear.com/]mbt cheap[/url][/b] it is hard to please all, therefore, some viewers cctv1 difficult.i unsatisfactory for granted. This seems to is such a reason, but actually is also avoid responsibility [url=http://www.mbtusafootwear.com/mbt-sirima-black-womens-shoes-p-289.html]MBT Sirima[/url] excuse. Chinese, but are Chinese? Everybody cognitive, appeal of big differences, but are living in the 21st [url=http://www.mbtusafootwear.com/mbt-maliza-c-78.html]MBT Maliza[/url] century China? If you found ;21st century Chinese; the culture in common, just confirmed the operation of cctv1 bottom line. In this line for diversification and difference, you'll do a job with skill and ease.

Article 3/14/11, 10:43 AM

Cctv1 director and zhao4 ben3 shan fastening on only [url=http://www.mbtusafootwear.com/]cheap [b]mbt[/b] shoes[/url] ;common; can satisfy public needs, as if mass natural cannot accept ;elegant;. In their opinion, ;common; and ;elegant; like nots allow. This is actually a distorted [url=http://www.mbtusafootwear.com/mbt-sirima-black-womens-shoes-p-289.html]MBT Sirima[/url] aesthetic rule. In human aesthetic activities, and ;common; and [url=http://www.mbtusafootwear.com/mbt-changa-c-76.html]MBT Changa[/url] ;elegant; just different aesthetic form of expression. ;Common; not ;raunch;, it is simple nature in form, content is fresh and vivid, namely everybody speak of ;ground gas;. Such ;common; literary, everyone appreciate.

Article 3/14/11, 10:41 AM

According to their logic, to let the audience joy,[b][url=http://www.mbtusafootwear.com/]mbt shoe discount[/url][/b] can only to mock deformity,[url=http://www.mbtusafootwear.com/mbt-sirima-black-womens-shoes-p-289.html]MBT Sirima[/url] retarded vulnerable groups, such as using teaser ambiguous imagine for skills. This is less than the general public [url=http://www.mbtusafootwear.com/mbt-chapa-c-75.html]MBT Chapa[/url] appreciating interest and ethical bottom line, but also lower than farmers ethical bottom line.

Article 3/14/11, 10:39 AM

XiaoYing: you can't use to smile or don't smile as the artistic value of the standard.[b][url=http://www.mbtusafootwear.com/]mbt footwear[/url][/b] We are to let everybody laugh, but also want to laugh a little meaning, dignity. Zhao4 ben3 shan spring late director problem, [url=http://www.mbtusafootwear.com/mbt-sirima-black-womens-shoes-p-289.html]MBT Sirima[/url] in their one-sided to please the majority of an excuse for manufacturing four-letter [url=http://www.mbtusafootwear.com/mbt-sport-c-74.html]MBT Sport[/url] ;laughter fruit; for the cctv1 capabilities, the audience to lower interest repeatedly pull.

Article 3/14/11, 10:37 AM

A few days ago, a friend with my chat, said New Year's eve a old despise cctv1 see sketch ;Jane's you;, [url=http://www.mbtusafootwear.com/]Mbt sneakers[/url] said to ;walk into a cakes, here omit how many words;, he ten-year-old daughter laughed together with the adults[url=http://www.mbtusafootwear.com/mbt-sirima-black-womens-shoes-p-289.html]MBT Sirima[/url] let him feel especially embarrassed. These years cctv1 language kind programs full of similar stunt, everyone seemed became accustomed to. Don't people not this is not happy? China youth daily: laugh is crosstalk, [url=http://www.mbtusafootwear.com/mbt-tataga-c-73.html]MBT Tataga[/url] enhancement of hotspot, recruit everybody laughed, it's not good?

Article 3/14/11, 10:36 AM

I think you need to address from Chinese national cctv1 Spring Festival gala. It is oriented,[url=http://www.mbtusafootwear.com/]MBT Shoes clearance[/url] is in the 21st century, under the new situation, maintain and promote global Chinese national cultural identity. [url=http://www.mbtusafootwear.com/mbt-sirima-black-womens-shoes-p-289.html]MBT Sirima[/url] The bottom line is to cctv1 respect new era of the Chinese nation, ethical, life interest and personal dignity, let people in a laugh at the same time, don't feel to be made fun of, insult, discrimination, rejection.[url=http://www.mbtusafootwear.com/mbt-lami-c-72.html]MBT Lami[/url] But in recent years including 2011 cctv1, we see many programs, especially as a key of essays, austv crosstalk, the loss of bottom line of the problem is getting worse.

Article 3/14/11, 10:35 AM

XiaoYing: this is actually a how to treat CCTV cctv1 problem. Someone says, is to make the dajiale cctv1 not a joy? But you don't forget, CCTV cctv1 is China's most important traditional festival and the China central [url=http://www.mbtusafootwear.com/mbt-sirima-black-womens-shoes-p-289.html]MBT Sirima[/url] , the combination of[url=http://www.mbtusafootwear.com/] www.mbt[/url] the two. Cctv1 have status of today and nearly 30 years of hard dedication cast exchanged views on cctv1 relevant, but more reform and opening up new situation of the national system decision. CCTV cctv1 special status,[url=http://www.mbtusafootwear.com/mbt-tembea-c-71.html]MBT Tembea[/url] decided it is not just a laugh. It should be accurate positioning, necessary bottom line and correct guidance.

Article 3/14/11, 10:34 AM
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