ee-sama still farming while singsing carries him

Match 7/20/14, 7:08 PM

yeah. the players may not be in the mood playing after getting eliminated. specially DK ig and dendi

Article 7/20/14, 12:29 PM

mu and sansheng = game 1 mvp. dat rat tho

Match 7/19/14, 1:31 AM

same with newbee. out of all the chinese giants, they're the most unfamiliar with west doto.

Match 7/19/14, 12:53 AM

game1, eg won from dk's mistakes. game 2, eg outplayed dk.

Match 7/19/14, 12:47 AM

hard to say who's winning this based from their last matches but I'll go with EG.

Match 7/19/14, 12:47 AM

you guys never found the sarcasm, have you?

Match 7/15/14, 5:03 AM

lol? and swap/hook heroes into cliffs like what you said before? like that'd work.

Match 7/14/14, 11:10 PM