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Flash just played so amazingly and so damn well. God, and for such a short time in SC2. Holy crap :)

Article 1/6/13, 3:00 PM

Lol, it sounds like they have been taking some note of video's/blogs such as Destiny's one about the state of SC2 :)

Article 10/26/12, 12:31 AM

Not to be a dick, but Nony, ahh. It's another Incontrol. Never seen any really good results from them and likely never will. Especially with a temper like that...

Article 10/19/12, 6:15 PM

"Many fans were already questioning the validity of the final match when game one was played in All Random All Mid mode." Seriously? That actually happened, I didn't watch all of it but how the hell did the admins at the tourney let that happen? And how could the players be so dumb as to do it? Almost like they wanted to get caught

Article 8/27/12, 7:20 PM

Agree, mass recall, oh god..... It's going to cause so many balance headaches. Imagine in late game, if you have a few nexuses, send in 16 DT's, RAPE a base, recall out. Repeat. Or blink stalkers, blink into main, blink out, blink in, out, then recall anyway. Sentry walling ramps... with recall out. Going to result in sentries becoming standard en massé, cuz what was the issue with sentries? They got left became when zerg overwhelmed you and stalkers blinked away... well now... Q_Q_Q_Q_Q_Q And new helions look scary too... Dat cone+hp going to destory lings... Well, time will tell if it all goes tits up or not [:D]

Article 8/14/12, 4:20 PM

Has anyone got any evidence that this lovely and awesome sounding emg group actually do anything yet?... Cuz I'm still checking the people in it, and Artosis isn't getting twice as handsome, etc etc ?

Article 8/10/12, 1:16 PM

Agree with #6 and #7, no need to start this derogatory spiral of insults about him personally. And remember, you don't know everything, there may of been a dozen other things that really affected his situation that we can't know of or rule out. If he was hacking and hacked before, then good riddance finally. But if not, well, we can't know. Just remember it's a shame his career was ruined by these incidents. I'm sure we all have times in our life where we did what wasn't in the contract, or pushed the boundaries slightly, but our nice boss or friend or whoever let us off and we're still here. Well, unluckily for Spades, he didn't get off free, he lost it all :(. Shouldn't of ever gone near hacking in the first place t_t And Lucifron still won the showmatch anyway [:D]

Article 6/6/12, 3:51 PM

Asus's ROG line is pretty good, I just hope they realise they haven't acquired world beaters with this deal...

Article 6/4/12, 12:48 AM
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