• Name Kevin Tena
  • Location France
  • Primary game StarCraft

DrAkAx's activity

What a cocky prick. Yea he's good, but to say that after being inactive, he can practice 2 weeks and make a comeback as the best foreign player is just ludicrous. Honestly a good riddance! Please Naniwa just stay retired, the professional scene does not need childish/immature players who have no regard whatsoever for their fans...

Article 3/21/14, 3:38 PM

Geez, Kas was once the best Terran in Europe and now he can't manage to win a series.

Article 3/4/14, 5:52 PM

Dayshi pwning today! Gogo Dayshi

Match 2/25/14, 8:12 PM

Protoss after protoss keep winning major tournaments. This is really getting sickening... It couldn't be more obvious that protoss is imba at the moment. Blizz is taking too long in changing what needs to be changed... How many more tournaments will we see Protoss winning before Blizz finally decides to implement the necessary changes?

Article 2/24/14, 4:18 PM

Taeja still showing he's the best Terran in the world by beating both MMA and Innovation. Impressive run for MC! Beating Hyun, Innovation and HerO shows how good he can be in all 3 matchups.

Article 2/10/14, 10:34 PM

Why isn't Life invited? :( How about Maru and TY? They are definitely missing for the Terran line up!

Article 2/7/14, 8:34 PM

He is a cool dude, but let's be honest here: he never had an impact on WOL nor HOTS. In purely professional gaming talk, he won't be missed. Even if it might be a bit sad to see some of these guys retire, it is good overall as it gives more space/opportunities for newcomers. This should open up a spot in EG, even though I'm fairly certain he wasn't on EG's payroll/active player roster for quite some time now. Good Luck to him in his future endeavors. May the Swarm be with him!

Article 2/6/14, 6:32 PM

What the hell? Taeja losing 0/3 to StarDust and 0/2 to Dear? These results are starting to make people saying P is OP this patch more credible... Not to mention that only 3 Terrans have made Code S this season versus 16 Protoss!!!

Article 2/1/14, 12:09 AM
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