• Name Alexandr Tolstikov
  • Location Russian Federation
  • Date of birth Jun 25, 1994
  • Primary game DotA
I play Dota about 6 years, practically at professional level, in day I play about 5 hours, the sociable young man I am engaged sambo (and mix-fight). p.s. Very much wanted to receive invates from dota2 (my skype: Sanya.hima)

Sanya.hima's activity

Look at DendiĀ“s coolface! [sleepy]

Article 2/14/12, 5:34 AM

good news

Article 2/12/12, 3:13 AM

+1 (11) [sky]

Article 2/10/12, 9:46 AM

Dendi krasava

Article 1/28/12, 1:49 PM

HydeS thx

Article 1/27/12, 10:33 AM

Lol i don't won [T_T]

Article 11/18/11, 4:40 AM

this cool [satisfied]

Article 11/11/11, 10:15 AM
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