• Name Keith Chin
  • Location Malaysia
  • Date of birth Jun 14, 1995
  • Primary game DotA

XkCKcX's activity

Johor is just so far..

Article 12/27/11, 4:31 AM

Good luck Waga, Fishbone and the rest ! Looking forward to see you guys rock the scene [^_^]

Article 12/21/11, 2:05 AM

I give OP +1000 for his/her beautiful asian english accent (Y)

Blog 12/20/11, 9:50 AM

GJ Orange. Roster change indeed prove a big difference. Never liked the old team but the new team looks very promising [:)]

Article 12/19/11, 3:12 AM

Gonna be there! My predictions : 1.MUFC 2.Mineski 3.MiTH

Article 12/15/11, 3:17 PM

I dont know why but I loved the ring to your name [cool] TWIIISSSTTTTAAAAAAA

Blog 12/13/11, 7:22 AM

#56 Net is doing well in MUFC afaik.

Article 12/13/11, 2:49 AM

That mushi should better stop emo-ing and take back his player role in Orange.That would be powerhouse of Malaysia once again.

Article 12/12/11, 4:48 PM
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