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Persistent follower of StarCraft, StarCraft II and more recently Dota II. Watching, Participating and Supporting the Romanian Esports Scene since the days of Warcraft 3! Favorite teams: Dota 2: Team Secret, Xtreme XPC RO, Romanian National D2 team (beating China ftw w33 powerr!!) SCII: Prime, JAGW (KR), NrS RO. Max respect for DeathAngel, NightEnd, Ppasarel veterans of teh Romanian scene.

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Thanks Andreea for the article, feeling maximum pride right now :). Congratulations guys, a wonderful achievement, especially since Russia brought out some relatively known players in the final! This truly shows that Romanian Dota still has some depth, and real skill, beyond the world-known stars such as w33ha, ar1se, cwm etc. Clearly, the good run and silver medal at IeSF 2014, by 3 of these same guys, was no fluke. Just for everyone that doesn't follow the local scope as much, these guys (as XPC Romania) have pretty much dominated the Romanian scene in the past year (2015). They beat Bone7's team (including cwm - whether the name was Kaipi, or Team Moriarty, or BYM) on several occasions on LAN and online, including RDPL (Romanian Dota Pro League - editions 1 and 2), a tournament that was covered by GG. They also beat other various mixes of romanian stars incl. the reborn balkan bears with arise, zizou, ......... XPC.ro Dota 2 retired from the pro-scene and disbanded towards the end of November 2015, after the conclusion of the Frankfurt major qualis, where they fell in the open qualis - RO16. Now, officially, they are split into different teams, Keyano and Razvan in Bone's Kaipi, Masakary was trying for MLG, and nowadays Mamas Boys, Synergy and Illusionist just played nations cup afaik. But there are some positive signs that XPC.ro will be reborn, and hopefully it will come back to its former glory. GL guys & congrats once again! RO DOTO BEST DOTO!

Article 2/8/16, 12:27 PM

Thanks for the news Andreea Just wondering who decided these invites, and based on what. For one thing, 10 out of 16 teams are CIS-based. If this is a European Tourney, spread the love around more of Europe...invite a french team, invite Kaipi...invite GOOMBA or Abraxas from Germany...or London Conspiracy from Sweden........maybe Docler Myrmidons from Hungary...heck even E-LAB from Lebanon can work....! On top of that, 2 Non-CIS teams (NLG and DB) are meeting in the first round, with single Elim...GG Second of all, i really dont see what Vega is doing here...mixed up with cookis, PRIES and F5/ Ad Finem / Prodota? These guys are (if we look at the tourneys they attend/get invited to) tier 1 level....fighting with Secret EG Liquid etc.....and they are invited to this ''small'' tourney ? Anyway GL to all but weird inviting system.....

Article 12/21/15, 6:45 PM

The Liquid Curse confirmed, continues.

Match 12/2/15, 10:56 PM

Watching these games, it felt quite embarrasing. Indeed it looked like Secret were quite rusty and Vega were just playing with them, two very one-sided stomps. Especially EEs plays on Ursa and Sven were questionable to say the least.....does he usually play those2? Ive seen him a lot on Doom, Ember, Qop even Huskarr or AM but not those.....

Match 12/2/15, 10:52 PM

Good job. They need a better carry. Seriously they are a tier 1 team with tier 1 players, and it was obvious from many matches that while God, Lil and even DKPhobos were making plays happen and deciding matches, Illidan was dragging them down. And when your pos.1 carry player is your weak link, it's clear you cannot go far. Silent is a better player and a better carry, i think this will lead to good things PS: they just beat OG with Silent carrying so.....off to a good start!

Article 12/2/15, 10:35 PM

Navi please please please win this....you just beat OG the Major champions...you cannot fall to Failli[A]nce!!! EDIT: you fking lost to Synderen a caster, without an S4 mid to fight Dendi.....4Head NotLikeThis Fail Fish Cumback is real, at least win the next one!

Match 12/2/15, 3:54 PM


Match 12/2/15, 12:11 PM

Team YP did not qualify for this tournament, they lost in the open Q, but is going to WCA in China to represent America That's NADota for ya 4Head EleGiggle :) GL HF

Article 12/2/15, 12:09 PM
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